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Since 2008 we have offered our hydraulic piling services in India for construction of deep foundations for bridges, buildings, dams, high-rises, and other large structures as well as for constructing retaining walls, caissons, and other deep foundations. As one of India's oldest piling contractors our service offers a wide range of benefits such as cost savings, timely completion, and improved safety.

Empowering Growth Since 1976

We specialize in rotary piling, which is a cost-effective and efficient method of foundation construction that can be used for both shallow and deep foundations. With our extensive experience in the industry, we have developed an expertise in providing reliable and safe solutions for all types of projects. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive the best possible results from their investments.

Cast In-Situ Bored Piles by Rotary Methodology

The Cast In-Situ Bored Piles by Rotary Method is a reliable and efficient method of constructing pile foundations. This method is suitable for a wide range of soil conditions and can be used to create piles of varying lengths and diameters.

Drilling Rig Set-up

Once the ground investigation is complete, the drilling rig is set up. This involves positioning the rig in the correct location and securing it in place. The drill string, drill bit, and casing are then attached to the rig.

Drilling (600-1500 mm Diameter)

Hydraulic rotary drilling machines like MAIT HR180, MAIT HR130, SANY SR285R, SANY SR235 are used to bore a hole into the ground upto 60 metres in depth.

Installing the Casing

Once the hole is drilled, the casing is installed. This is a cylindrical steel tube that is inserted into the hole to prevent the sides from caving in. The casing is secured in place by grouting or other means.

Steel Reinforcement

The next step is to install the steel reinforcement. This involves placing steel bars or other reinforcing materials into the borehole prior to the concrete being poured.

Pouring Concrete

The last step is to pour the concrete into the hole to form the pile. The concrete is poured until the pile reaches the desired height. Once the concrete has hardened, the pile is ready for use.

Ancillary Rotary Piling Services

Rent Hydraulic Rotary Piling Rig

We provide well-maintained and reliable Rotary Piling Rigs like MAIT HR180, SANYSR285R and SANY 235 on rent.

Rent Rotary Drilling Tools

Rent our robust and durable rotary drilling tools like Rock Augers, Cleaning Buckets and Core Barrels with 25 mm and 32 mm Kennametal bullets for drilling rocks upto 120 Mpa.

Reinforcement Cage Binding

Preparation of reinforced steel cage from 600-1500 mm diameter on MT basis to distribute the load to the ground more evenly, resulting in greater strength and stability.

Concreting Manpower and Tools

We provide manpower and concreting tools like Tremie pipes and Hoppers for pile casting from 600-1500mm diameter on RMT basis.

Pile Load and Integrity Testing

We conduct tests such as Static and Dynamic Load Test, Lateral Load Test and Pile Integrity Tests for ensuring the safety and integrity of the structure.

Why Choose Nityanand Infrastructure Ltd?

Experienced and Professional Team

Our team of experienced and professional engineers, technicians, and operators who are well-versed in the latest rotary piling techniques. This ensures that projects are completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Rotary piling is a cost-effective solution for many construction projects as it requires minimal excavation and can be completed quickly. This reduces overall project costs while still providing quality results.


We take safety seriously, ensuring that all personnel involved in the project are properly trained in safe working practices and use the correct equipment for each job.

Quality Assurance

All work is completed to the highest standards, with quality assurance checks in place throughout the process. This ensures that all projects are completed to a high standard and meet the client’s expectations.

Flexible Solutions

We offer flexible solutions for each project, ensuring that the most suitable solution is chosen for each job. This allows clients to get the best possible results from their rotary piling project.

Notable Projects

We’re at the forefront in equipment rental industry, serving energy, construction, mining, hospitality, entertainment and more.

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They are resourceful and capable to do any type and nature of civil works in tedious work conditions."

Madhucon Projects Limited

Construction of Flyover, Underpass, Subway, Road Over Bridge and Reinforced Earthwork and other related work of RE Wall for Anik Panjarpole Link road, Eastern Express Highway, Mumbai
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Earth work and Piling by Hydraulic Piling Rig for construction of New American Consulate Compound at BKC, Bandra, Mumbai
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Excavation in road and concrete for Kalanagar to Vakola Road Project, Mumbai
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