BOSCH Authorised Service & Spares

Our specialised workshop provides Fuel Injection and PT Pump repair and maintenance services as well as genuine BOSCH spare parts. Whether you're looking for fuel injection repair for your car, truck, generator or heavy machinery we provide genuine parts for your fuel injection systems, and have the knowledge and expertise to help you.

Empowering Growth Since 1976

At Nityanand Infrastructure Limited, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service and genuine parts for their fuel injection systems. Our team of expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to ensure your fuel injection system is running at its peak performance. We use the latest equipment and technology to diagnose any issues and carry out the necessary repairs in a timely and efficient manner.

Comprehensive Fuel Injection Services

Diagnostic and Performance Testing Services for Fuel Injection Systems

We offer comprehensive diagnostic and performance testing services for fuel injection systems and use advanced diagnostic equipment to identify and diagnose problems with fuel injectors and other components, as well as provide repair solutions. Our experienced technicians can also handle a variety of fuel injection system issues, ranging from pressure testing to leak detection and flow testing.

Fuel Injection System Maintenance and Repair

Complete fuel injection system maintenance and repair services, including diagnostic testing, fuel quality checks, fuel injector cleaning and replacement, fuel pump servicing and repairs, fuel filter replacements, and injector recalibration. We use only genuine BOSCH parts and provide professional maintenance.

Replacement and Upgrade of Fuel Pumps & Fuel Injection Components

Replacement and Upgrade of Fuel Pumps

We provide replacement and upgrade of fuel pumps, which involves the removal of the old fuel pump and the installation of a new, higher-performance pump. The new pump is designed to provide better performance and more reliable operation than the original pump.

Replacement and Upgrade of Fuel Injection Components

Complete replacement and upgrade of fuel injection components, from fuel injectors, fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulators, fuel rails, and fuel filters, fuel delivery lines, fuel lines, and fuel tanks. We provide a wide range of quality parts and services to ensure that our customers are able to keep their engines running at peak performance and efficiency.

Fuel Injection System & Injector Cleaning, Calibration and Flushing

Fuel Injection System Cleaning

We offer professional fuel injection system cleaning services for engines of all makes and models. Our specialised service utilises advanced cleaning solutions and equipment to remove harmful deposits from fuel injectors, fuel rail, and intake valves, restoring fuel system performance, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Fuel Injector Cleaning and Calibration

This service includes cleaning and testing of all fuel injectors, along with recalibration of the injector timing and pressure to ensure optimal performance. This service ensures fuel economy, improved engine power and response, and reduced emissions.

Fuel Injection System Flushing

This service helps improve engine performance, reduce emissions, and improve fuel efficiency by cleaning the fuel injectors and other components of the fuel injection system. This service helps to reduce maintenance costs and improve the performance and reliability of the engine.

BOSCH Genuine Products

Fuel Injection Pumps & Injectors
Fuel Injectors
Auto Electrical & Trade Products
Inline Pump
BOSCH EV14 and EV6 High Impedance Fuel Injectors
Air Conditioning Compressors
VE Rotary Pump
BOSCH EV1 Long Style and Short Style Fuel Injectors
Common Rail Fuel Injection System
BOSCH EV6 Low Impedance Fuel Injectors
Automotive Electrical Accessories
BOSCH EV14 Universal Injectors
Automotive Filters
P Size Pump
BOSCH Motorsport High Impedance Fuel Injectors
Automotive Sensors
Solenoid Controlled Injection System
BOSCH EV14 High Flow Fuel Injectors
Automotive Starter Motors
High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR)
BOSCH EV1 High Flow Fuel Injectors
Brake Discs and Pads
Multi-Point Fuel Injection (MPFI)
BOSCH EV14 High Impedance Injectors
Sequential Multi-Port Injection (SMPI)
BOSCH EV6 High Performance Fuel Injectors
Diagnostic Equipment
Multi-Fuel Injection (MFI)
BOSCH EV14 High Performance Fuel Injectors
Ignition Systems
Variable Injection Control (VIC)
BOSCH EV6 High Flow Fuel Injectors
Power Steering Pumps
Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI)
BOSCH EV1 High Performance Fuel Injectors
Spark Plugs
Steering and Suspension Parts
Wheel Bearing Kits
Wiper Blades

Why Choose Nityanand?

Professional Service

Nityanand Infrastructure is a BOSCH Authorised Fuel Injection Workshop and uses only genuine spare parts for all its services. This ensures a high level of quality and reliability in all our services.


Our experienced and qualified technicians possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in fuel injection systems and related components. They are capable of providing the best possible service at all times.

Latest Diagnostic Equipment

The workshop is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment which helps in detecting the slightest of problems in the fuel injection system. The technicians use the latest technology to determine the exact cause of the problem and provide the best possible solution.

Competitive Pricing

The workshop offers competitive pricing on all its services and spare parts. This ensures that customers get the best value for their money.


All the services and spare parts provided by the workshop are backed by a warranty. This ensures that customers can avail of the best possible service without any worries.

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